AMGA Project Funding Program

AMGA PROJECT FUNDING MISSION STATEMENT To stimulate the love for and increase the knowledge of things horticulture, and to share voluntarily and enthusiastically with others.

1. The AMGA allocates monies each year to help support a variety of horticultural projects in the State of Alabama. The number of requests that will be funded depends on the amount of money available each year. Grants will be awarded up to $2,000.00 per association receiving funds.

2. Any association requesting funding for their project must complete a written application and provide detailed information regarding the project. If selected for funding, recipients must sign an agreement with the AMGA stating that the grant recipient will present a Project Status Report to the AMGA Board of Directors or AMGA membership, and/or provide an article for the State Newsletter, Pathways. The recipient of AMGA funding must agree to provide financial accountability. All receipts for money spent are to be sent with the Project Status Report to [email protected] no later than 1 year from date funding is received or before if project completed before 1 year, including receipts for all electronics and accessories. Recipients shall provide any other requested information and be open to visits by the AMGA Board of Directors and/or its representatives.

3. The purpose of the project should be educational and should promote and involve the community in gardening. Funds must be utilized for capital (materials/supplies) only. Funding request should not include decorative items such as birdbaths, statuary, fountains, etc.

4. The project should utilize as many Master Gardeners as possible.

5. The project should have realistic goals and objectives and the funds granted should make a significant contribution to the project.

6. The project should make a difference, even in a small way, to the community it serves.

7. The project, once completed, should have a regular maintenance schedule to ensure its continued operation, where appropriate,

8. Project funding recipients shall provide a written report on the project to the Project Funding Committee Chair upon completion of the project.

Criteria for Evaluation of Proposed Projects

1. The applicant must be an Alabama must be an Alabama Certified Master Gardener and the project must be in the State of Alabama.

2. Priority will be given to those projects that most clearly meet the mission of AMGA and Master Gardeners, in general.

3. Master Gardeners must be directly involved in the project and should be the main force in the initiation and implementation.

4. The project should be nonprofit and/or charitable in nature.

5. The project must have the potential to benefit a significant number of citizens.

6. The project should have an on-going value and reflect creativity and uniqueness.

7. The project will be evaluated based on the information submitted. No further contact will be made by the Project Funding Committee to obtain more information.

8. An applicant may submit only one application per organization. An applicant may receive funding for only one approved project within a three-year period.

9. Award checks must be presented to a member of the winning association at the AMGA Annual Conference unless prior arrangements have been made with the Project Funding Chairperson. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the award money.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS JANUARY 31ST of the year in which you are applying.

All applications are to be sent to [email protected]

AMGA Project Funding Application

Project Funding President’s Letter

Project Funding Agreement and Status Report