The AMGA has a Website Coordinator who receives articles, files, fliers, photographs to be placed on the website.

The new email address is [email protected] This is the e-address to send all materials.

All materials sent must be website-post ready and formatted by the association member sending it. The Website Coordinator is not responsible for content accuracy.

Submissions for posting should be:

    • Adobe Acrobat (PDF),
    • compressed image file (.JPEG)

The optimal format for images is .jpg and sized under 1000 px. by 1000 px. Photos should be optimized for file size prior to being sent to be uploaded to the website. If photos include any information [names, location, etc.], you must include that as part of your photo submission.  Recent photos have included names, locations, activities and would be good examples of more informative photo submissions.

Four times a year [January, April, July, and October] submissions will be made based on publication date of AMGA newsletter. The January Pathways submission date, depending upon conference date, will include the conference information and registration. The rest of the year submissions will be made around the first and the middle of each month.