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AMGA Membership Chair:  [email protected]

AMGA Newsletter Editor:   [email protected]

AMGA Project Funding Chair:   [email protected]

AMGA Speakers’ Bureau: [email protected]

AMGA Website Coordinator:  [email protected]

Alabama Master Gardener Association, Inc.

Officers and Board of Directors

Officers 2021-2023

President: Devonne Ellis/Wiregrass County

Vice President: Deborah Boutelier/Autauga County

Secretary: Lyn Webb/Chilton-Calhoun County

Treasurer: Cecilia Adams/Morgan County

Assistant Treasurer: Regina Ford/Etowah County

Board Members at Large

Term 2021-2024

Phyllis Clay/Jefferson County

Sherilyn Osborne/Blount County

Jim Harris/St. Clair County

Term 2022-2025

Kelly Lafreniere/Central AL

Susan Hagen/ Blount County

Term 2023-2026

Julie Conrey/Mobile County

Kate Vogel/Shelby County